The Land & Garden Preserve

lantern at azalea garden

The mission of the Land and Garden Preserve is to preserve, for public enjoyment, the aesthetic and spiritual heritage of certain horticultural and natural landscapes on Mount Desert Island. The mission will be achieved by:


Preserving the unique character of historic gardens that lie south of Acadia National Park in Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor: the Asticou Azalea Garden and the Thuya Garden


Maintaining the lands, roads, trails and pond that lie between the gardens, as those areas, in the future, may become the responsibility of the Preserve


gazebo at thuya

• Managing and maintaining public access to related properties that currently include a landing, the terrace path to the Thuya Garden, and the Thuya Lodge


Honoring particular individuals who have contributed significantly to the landscapes of Mount Desert Island


Practicing and encouraging environmentally sustainable horticulture


Developing educational programs that promote the Preserve's mission


Maintaining a small library to support the educational programs of the Preserve